Is “piccole” a popular Italian nickname?

My Italian step-grandfather always called me “my little piccole” and I never knew that “piccole” meant “small” until recently, so it doesn’t honestly make sense to call someone “my little small” in the literal English translation of it, but I was wondering if calling someone “piccole” is a popular affectionate nickname in Italy.

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  • Pontus
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    3 weeks ago

    The other two current answers are good, but don't quite spell it out.

    piccola - means small/little and is grammatically feminine and singular.  For human beings, that means one girl. 

    piccolo - means the same thing, but is feminine plural.  For people, that means more than one girl.

    Because the suffix indicates singular or plural, piccola can mean "small one" (and piccolo can mean "small one" for a boy).

    piccole (all girls) & piccoli (at least one boy plus other boys/girls) - "small ones".

    Using one/ones is necessary in English, but not in Italian. 

    Saying "my little piccola)" is redundant.  (my little little one)

    piccole - is wrong in standard Italian at least, to refer to one girl.

    There are many dialects of Italian and there are some other Romance languages (sister languages) in Italy, which are sometimes misidentified as dialects of Italian (Sicilian is one example.  There is a true Sicilian language that is not a dialect of Italian). There are few others as well. 

    Source(s): intermediate Italian
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  • 3 weeks ago

    "Piccolo" is a nickname for one male child.  "Piccole" refers to plural females. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    "Piccole" doesn't mean "small" because it's plural and feminine. The right word for "small", in Italian, is "piccolo" 

    In Italy is a common nickname expecially in South-Italy, used by parents or grandparents with their little sons/grandsons. 

    But "piccolo" is often followed by the name of the person... for example "mio piccolo Luca!"

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