cpu temperature problem?

my cpu i3 9100f reaches 75 degree celsius when case is open and 85 and more when case is closed im using intel stock fan when i was mounting the cpu cooler it got removed so i got it back into place and my idle temp is 40 degrees so is the temp normal for an i3 9100f or should i reapply thermal paste the 75 and 85 is during 100 percent usage of the cpu


on a website there is an info that the max temp need to be 72 degrees

Update 2:

when i was putting my cpu cable from power supply the fan got removed from its place so i put it back into its place so is that the reason my cpu is overheating because you need to change thermal pate everytime you remove the fan

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  • David
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    3 weeks ago
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    If the thermal paste is fresh then you can simply reattach the cooler, if it is more than a few weeks old I would remove the old paste and apply new. If in doubt just remove and replace.

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