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when have a Solar return that has Ascendant of chart on Natal Ascendant, what is the significance of this?

and how about if have the D.C. on the A.C? how that might be signficant? how rare?

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    Very significant.  If you live reasonably close to where you were born, over the course of a normal lifetime there will be several times when the Solar return ASC is the same as the natal ASC and several times when the SR ASC is the same sign as the natal DSC.  Sometimes all four angles will be the same and sometimes all four will be opposite.  For brevity's sake, when they are the same it is called a repetition and when it is opposite it is called a reversal.  

    Here's the theory.  The natal chart shows potential.  The solar return shows when that potential will manifest.  A repetition is a strong indication that at least some of what is "promised" or some of the potential will be realized that year.  It's up to the astrologer to determine what that is.  The closer the degrees are to the natal degrees, the stronger the influence. 

    Traditionally a reversal was considered always bad - even a sign of impending death.  The reverse of the potential was realized.  So if the chart showed increase in wealth, a reversal could mean loss of wealth that year.  However, that is extreme and too fatalistic.  My work with these tends to show that the reversal is a year of some kind of upheaval in the life, and that is not necessarily bad.  I recall the SR of a famous athlete who had a reversal the year he won a major championship.  His life was turned upside down because it was so unexpected, but in a good way. 

    The same is true, but more rare, if an aspect repeats that is the same as one in the nativity or if it reverses.  So if you have Saturn in Leo square Mars in Taurus in your natal chart and one year you have Mars in Leo square Saturn in Taurus, that's a reversal (and a bad one). Those are also somewhat rare, but look for them. 

    Always keep in mind the astrologer MUST interpret the natal chart BEFORE attempting the solar return.  If he doesn't, the SR interpretation will be lame at best. Finally there is ZERO point in interpreting a solar return by itself.  I don't care what anyone else tells you. 

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    It just means you will feel more at home with yourself that year. A little more at-home .. it all depends on how comfortable you already ARE with yourself. Having the Desc of one chart being the same as the Asc in the other chart makes you a little more personal that year if the Desc is the Solar angle, and a little LESS personal (more impersonal) if it the Desc is your natal angle. These are not really events .. just a slight inclination one way of another in how you react with yourself and others. Rarely noticeable, in fact.

    We don't use "rarity" as an interpretation criteria in astrology. All combinations are possible.

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