Michael asked in PetsCats · 3 weeks ago

Should I sleep in my car while it's 32 degrees outside?

it's like 4 am and i'm staying over at a friend's house and everyone is asleep. they have a cat and i forgot i'm allergic so i can't sleep anywhere. i have a sleeping bag and i thought about sleeping out in my car so my nose doesn't burn every time i inhale but it's 32 degrees outside. i don't wanna wake anyone up and i doubt they could do much since their cat goes pretty much everywhere. is this a good idea or no?

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  • PR
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Find a room where you can close the door and keep the cat out. It sounds too cold to sleep in the car, and you could end up getting carbon monoxide poisoning if you were to run the car. 

    You might need to tough it out until about 5 am and then quietly tell your hosts your allergies are bothering you and you need to go home, or you "don't feel well". Or, you could take some allergy medicine until the morning, and then don't spend the night there, anymore. I would NOT sleep outside in the car. If this is more an issue with your nose, take an antihistamine. If it is asthma, then you need to do what is best for your health, since this can be dangerous, even if that means going home, right now.

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  • Layne
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    The cat allergy is in your head,  besides most cat allergies are lying,  those don't like cats.  Can you find a motel room,  32 is not good especially if it gets colder. Hypothermia.

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