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Any advice????

Hi so I’m 25 and I have a 8 month old baby and me and my baby father been on and off through out the relationship and he lives 2 hours away in my hometown and I have taken care of my baby alone since before he was born he hasn’t bought our baby a thing all he does is call and continue to play games when we were together he always put our relationship in jeopardy everytime and I’m done with it he doesn’t have a job or car and he’s continually waiting for me to get my own place so he can move in but as much as I want my baby to have a family I wouldn’t be happy with him living with me because he always finds away to make me feel unhappy in the relationship and I’m tired I literally gave him money fed him a lot and he used my car for himself all the time and he still acts selfish even tho we have a baby now but now I’m focused on me and my kid and I want to start my makeup line that I’m going to invest in and he say he wants to help me invest in my dreams but I don’t want him to because this is something I want to succeed in myself I explained that to him and he got upset, I just don’t feel like he should reap the benefits of something I’m going to be successful in when he hasn’t don’t anything for me or my child, any advice?

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    It seems you already have your mind made up here, and that's to continue (not start, but continue) to raise your child on your own, without him being present! Having said that, I'm not sure what you are looking for on here, are you looking for validation? Are you trying to get people to change your mind?

    I will be blunt with you here- This guy is not a real man, he's a little boy who never grew up! Real men, even if they don't want to be in a relationship with the girl they knocked up, will be there a) to help raise the baby and b) out of respect because she is the one giving birth to that child. This guy knocked you up and ran, he has no intentions of getting a place with you, or being there for you and his child under any circumstance! Quite frankly, calling him a "father" is an insult, he's a sperm donor, all he did was give you his sperm, hence a baby being created, he is not a parent, and I don't think he'll ever be one. 

    As for him wanting to invest in your business? He couldn't give a rats behind about you (no offense), I mean hey if he really wanted to support you, he'd be there with you to help raise the child both of you created. Nope, this guy just wants to make a quick buck off your back, I have no doubts he'd financially back whatever business, but make no mistake he just wants $$$$$. Why do you care about how he's reacting? Did he stop and consider how he's hurting YOU by walking away from the child that was created? You owe this guy **** all!

    Just keep moving ahead, focus on raising YOUR child, and starting up a business... you dont need him, you already got all he's good for which is his sperm.

    Good luck.

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    Sue him for child support.

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