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Please explain internet radio on hifi?

I'm looking around for a basic stereo hifi reciever or avr and noticed on some of the units I'm looking at they have internet radio. Some will state Spotify and TuneIn ready and that they are capable of connecting to others.

I don't quite get this. Are they preloaded with internet radio channels like apps on a phone? How do I access the radio channels and settings exactly?

Will I be able to pick and choose different internet radio channels through the device and add new ones?

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  • Lance
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Its best to have the app you want to use like Spotify or Pandora built into your receiver....If your receiver is wifi connected but no apps and has internet radio my understanding is you can still access those services by using am app on your phone or computer...and then connecting the phone app or computer app to your receiver...On my Imtegra system I still must use my phone to connect to pandora or spotify even though I have the app on the receiver...Sometimes it will work without the phone but if your try changing anything using the receiver remote it goes disabled, and then I must use the app on the phone to bring it back on line...Also you cannot add apps to the receiver only to your phone...So basically you use your phone and the proper app that acts as the remote control for wifi functions. Internet radio alone will only give you categories Jazz Classical Rock etc...its a hit or miss proposition as there are hundreds of stations and Pandora and spottily are not any of them./..

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    They probably have an ethernet cable connection so you can connect the receiver to your cable or DSL modem. I wouldn't bother with it. The main job of a receiver is to make sounds out of your speakers. Most people shop for the receivers first and then speakers. The opposite is actually better. Shop for the best speakers you can afford, and then for some receiver or amplifier that can handle those speakers. If you have speakers that require high current output into low impedance speakers and your amp cannot handle it then you end up having an amp with a shortened life span and you will need to replace it.Unless you listen to FM radio, it is actually better buying an integrated amp (a receiver without a built-in tuner) instead of a receiver. When I was shopping for a receiver a while back, I discovered to my horror that I can actually hear radio sounds coming out of the speakers when I turned the input selection knob to CD. That means signals were leaking from the built-in tuner to the other inputs. Although very faint, I do not want this unwanted noise added to the music I am playing. So, when you shop for a receiver, select a radio station and make sure you are tuned to one, then select CD or aux or other input as your source, and then turn the volume knob all the way up. If you hear the radio, then there is "crosstalk" or leakage of signals from one source to another. Shop for a different receiver or shop for an integrated amp instead.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    The Owner's Manual for the device

    should describe everything to do with operating it.

    They are Not "preloaded";

    you have to select the channels you want from a very large assortment.

    It's a lot like You Tube channels.

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