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Good PSU brand?

Any good PSU brand & model for around 2,500PHP what i have is a Corsair VS550 grey not the orange one my friend said the VS series is a bad PSU I don't have problems with it

Idk why people dislike the VS series so much, I'm changing my PSU something good what brand should i go EVGA or Cooler master? 500w should be enough

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    Don't look at brands. What you want to consider is specific models. The reason is most of these power supplies are made by ODM's like Super Flower, Channel Well Technologies, Seasonic, Delta, FSP, Great Wall, etc. Seasonic for instance is considered to be a Top Notch brand that makes their own power supplies but they have outdated designs like the M12II and the M12III isn't that good. 

    Cooler Master is hit or miss and EVGA has purposely and completely fallen off the map. 

    EVGA built their reputation around the G2, P2, and T2 units that were made by Super Flower. The G3 series wasn't as good. The G5 series is made by FSP which isn't terrible but they're not as good as the Super Flower made units.

    The Grey Label VS series isn't terrible and it's a lot better than the older orange label VS series. Same thing goes for the CX series. The newer grey label Corsair CX series is decent.

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