Will women be offended by this story?

A 24 yr old guy who still lives at home is pressured by his parents to get a job. He's been fired from a department store for missing too many days at work.

He wants to prove to his parents that he can get and keep a job. He gets a job at a school as a cafertia worker. He tries to be the best worker but his sexist female manager makes it difficult for him.

He gets mistreated, falsely accused, written up amd threatened to be terminated. During his struggle he finds out stuff about her and find out she's an escaped serial killer. They get into it until police barge in and arrested her. He then gets a phone call, for a job interview at another job.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    I'm not offended. Besides, there's plenty of similar stories like this where the women are the antagonist here. 

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