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is Nicotine (in any way) healthy for the human body? why, how ? is it mainly the tar in cigarettes that is bad, but the nicotine is good?

what benefits have been proven about nicotine? and how cigarettes of today differ form the tobacco that American Indians would smoke ? why smoking tobacco was so popular after Europeans learned of tobacco from Indians?


**Also, I noticed that my hair started thinning/balding when i stopped smoking cigarettes (talking about within a few weeks after stopping i noticed it, why maybe?

Update 2:

Also, I heard/ or read that doctors and hospitals used to prescribe or recommend smoking cigarettes to their patients?  when and why? what they thought of the nicotine and how it was healthy ? and how long this lasted? I heard that doctors and hospitals were even prescribing cigarettes for patients in the early 1900s ? is that true? where and why?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I've never read anything positive about Nicotine.

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  • patty
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    3 weeks ago

    I reckon the bad part of the cigarette is the smoke.That is what ruins your lungs.

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