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Why did my girlfriend act this way? ?

I spent a while writing this poem for my girlfriend who I’ve been dating for about a year. Today I finally surprised her with the poem that I had made her. It meant a lot to me writing this for her and I was excited for her to finally read it. She gets home and I asked her if she’s read it and she replied with “not yet gimme a sec”. An hour passes and she still hasn’t looked or read the poem despite knowing how special it was for me. We call each other and she still hasn’t read the poem and is now laying in bed. I asked her if she was going to read the poem tonight and she said no. I told her the poem was supposed to be read that night as there was something on it that related to that day but she still said she was lazy and didn’t want to read it. She told me she would just read it in the morning. I eventually got sad and expressed my feelings towards her but she still didn’t care and chose not to read it. What would you do? Why doesn’t she want to read this? I honestly don’t know how to feel.

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    I think your girlfriend is being ungrateful and immature to say the least!

    When someone goes to the effort to either get you a gift or take the time to make a letter or poem for you, the least the other person can do is take the time to actually read through what was written! This girl can't even muster up a "thank you" for you taking the time to do something nice for her.

    I really think you need to examine if this is the right girl for you! A relationship is about equality, putting in the effort, respecting each others thoughts (even if we disagree) etc! This girl clearly has no appreciation for you, and she doesn't seem to even consider your POV either! Is this someone you want to be with?

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