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Do you find it weird that my boyfriend gets my tweets sent to his phone?

I'm not sure if I'm (23) over reacting, but my boyfriend (24) gets my tweets sent to his phone, like notifications. It's probably nothing but a feel like I can't tweet anything without him seeing in first, which is like, I feel spied on? I can't explain it, I just find it really odd. Anyone else??

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I think you have to look at this more broadly. If your boyfriend is doing a whole bunch of other things to monitor you to the extent that there is no trust in your relationship then I would be concerned. However, if this is the only idiosyncrasy then I wouldn't worry. Remember, everyone is different and unique in there own way. Chances are that your boyfriend likes reading your tweets and wants to be a part of your life on social media as well as in real time. The most important thing though is that you trust each other as without it your relationship will inevitably fail. I really hope this helps :)

    • Courtney4 weeks agoReport

      We're in a relationship that currently has lack of trust issues. Blah. Thank you very much for you comment! :)

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