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Segway Ninebot Max Pro Scrapes on Bottom when riding. ?


I recently purchased the Segway max pro, I have had to go over a few speed bumps and I heard a slight scrape when I did. I looked at the bottom and it appears there is a thick plastic 'skid cover' on the bottom under the battery, I did not see any scratches or cracks but am wondering if I should be worried about potential damage in the future for these, does anybody know how durable these scooters are? These are the same models that Bird and Lime use. 

Any experiance is welcome, and thank you so much! 

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    Now here's a really wild idea...  When you see a speed bump coming up, SLOW DOWN!  

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    You posted in the Cycling section where questions are answered about bicycles.  Use the edit icon to move your question to the Cars & Transportation>>Other section. 

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    This is the cycling section of Y!A. A Segway is not a bicycle. You should move your post to an appropriate section.

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