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Is my boyfriend using me?

I feel like my boyfriend might only be staying with me because he is living rent free at my dad’s house with me. This was supposed to only be until February when we were going to look for a house together but I don’t want to get a house until I’ve saved up more. He doesn’t want to get another house for himself until I will agree to split the cost. He doesn’t kiss me much or try to be intimate much anymore. Sometimes he calls me names. We’ve been together 10 months and he still hasn’t told me that he loves me. When we started dating he had his own house but sold it because he had bought it with his ex girlfriend. 

Do you think him moving out of my dad’s house and into a friend’s house would be a good idea? My mother even thinks that he doesn’t really like me and that he’s not the right one for me. Just looking for opinions, I’m 25 and he is 26. 

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