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Does the dentist have any liability?

6 months ago I had a root canal on one of my canines. I also received a crown. The new crown is sore. It's not painful or anything. But, for example, if I take my finger and press on it, it's sore. If I take my tongue and pull on it, it's sore. I don't think this is normal. I have gone to see them numerous times about it. They gave me a strong antibiotic in case there was any infection left in the canal, but it made no difference. The doctor said, the antibiotic should have stopped the soreness if the tooth was still infected. So he recommended I go see an endodontist. He said he wouldn't help with the cost to see the endodontist because the x-rays of the canal look good and the root canal appears to have been done correctly so something else must be going on with the tooth. What do you think?


Also, I don't have insurance. I had to take out a loan to get the root canal and crown.

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  • Andy C
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    3 weeks ago
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    About what? You hired a professional, their job was done correctly and you want them to pay for your seeing a specialist?

    That's not the American way.

    The American way requires YOU to pay for the specialist and the specialist MAY FIND that the fault does indeed lie on the original job.

    THEN you can take the original contractor to court for expenses incurred.


    The specialist finds a completely separate issue.

    • Andy C
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      Your financing the procedure has nothing to do with what is wrong or who is responsible for the bills. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I have had extensive dental work including root cancels, crowns, bridges and replacement teeth most all done at the local school of dentistry. I can't recall any specific issue but I must have had a few because at times the graduate level but still student dentists would have to cancel other appointments to get me in sooner.  

    My last recently cleaning I mentioned one tooth that is connected to a bridge where the gum seemed a bit inflamed. They did some extra xrays and said they could not find anything but that I could come in any time to the endo clinic and they would look further. I have not so far because I stopped using the brush picks and use the proxy brushes instead. Those don't cause any pain to my gum.

    I feel like one tooth where I had a filing I later needed a root canal because they drilled too deep but I could not prove that so I could not blame them.

    Call the local dental school, If you have never been, they want to do a full evaluation first but they can do that in the morning and then later in the day they can look at whatever your issue is.

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  • Tavy
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    3 weeks ago

    Sounds to me that the crown does not fit properly, it is pressing too hard on your gum.

    you don't need a specialist, the crown need to come off and be shaved down. An X ray would have shown if there was an infection, this should have be done before you were given antibiotics.

    Source(s): I worked for a UK Dentist and also had several crowns.
    • Ed3 weeks agoReport

      They did do a 3D x-ray. They didn't tell me what they found. But they gave me antibiotics afterward.

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