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Does this happen to teenagers who have bipolar disorder?

A teenager suffers bipolar disorder. He wants to get prescribed meds but he s denied. Plus his parents refused to get him some meds and counseling because they didn t want the stigma that their son is crazy.

Since he can t get meds, he decided to smoke weed and drink with friends which worsen his bipolar disorder. He became more wild, spontaneous, crazy, delusional, suicidal.

He goes into a convenient store to purchase alcohol. The store clerk refused to sell it to him because he s underage. He gets mad, explode, throws stuff on the floor, and trashes up the store. Police barge in pointing guns at him as they re yelling at him. He s frightened so he stopped what he was doing. He gets arrested.

He s tested and he learns he s diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He s sent to a mental ward. Despite how much he hated his stay, he finally got meds and counseling.

He s released as he continues to get meds and counseling. His parents let him move back home, they apologizes to him, his girlfriend comes back and everything is good

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    Hey, I like happy endings like that.

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  • Andy C
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    3 weeks ago

    All except the end. Happy endings are fiction.

    Most likely he's released from the hospital and bc his parents refuse meds, he runs away, is homeless and promptly dies, perhaps of influenza, perhaps in a bar fight over a pool game.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Nope, just you.

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