Accelerated EMT Course?

A college in my neighborhood offers a month long emt course, in which there is about 20 days of classes, 10 hours a day.

I feel like that's an awful lot of information in a very short amount of time. Do you think it's feasible? Did you or anyone you know take a course like this?

p.s. I do have a background in basic first aid/cpr and a basic knowledge of medicine in general.

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    Yes, you could really do it if you put your heart and brains into it.  My bother did it.  It is an accelerated EMT Training or EMT Training Boot Camp which is the compressed format of the same 3 to 6 month EMT Basic training. It is an intense daily training.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Many places are so desperate for EMT technicians these high speed expedited month long courses are a lot more common than you might think. Although this MIGHT, I hope, be an unfounded rumor, the instructors may give tha answers before a test or exam hoping that you retain e ough information long e ough to regurgitate it back on the test. That does NOT mean you understand or comprehend the material

    I do know someone who worked as an EMT tech iciam for several years who was going to go go back to school to become an LPN, licensed practical nurse in 2 semesters instead of 3 part time because of the like experience and skills and knowledge gained as an EMT

    Very likely she did NOT drive yjd ambulances. That was according to her mother, who I saw at a popular health food store parking lot. That probably was 3 or 4 year ago. She recognized my car and me.

    There is also a desperate need for LPNs, LPVNs, nurses with diplomas, nurse:s aids, 2 year and 4 year medical technicians, registered

    Source(s): nurses with ADN and BSN degrees, Certified nursing assistants (10 weeks), nurse practitioners with MSN degrees and Physician assistants, at least 3 Yeats beyond a bachelors degree. There is a high turn over Raye and emotional burn out rate in the medical and health care fields. There is also a fairly high drop out rate in medical and care students and, even more alarming, faculty and teachers. My closest and longest friend became a an M.D., a neurologist and brain surgeon. Both she and her husband are fulltime faculty at a health care university for over 10 years. I am still alive and kicking today because of her and her husband. They are no longer in private practice. Her husband almost practiced medicine until death, but had a epiphany in 2004 and put himself in rehab. Then Katrina happened just as their younger son was starting college at Stanford. Go ahead. Take the accelerated EMT course. Good luck .
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