How would u respond to this friend's rudeness?

I finally stopped hanging out w/ this friend who was... ALWAYS LATE. But get this: he was always ON TIME w/ other friends! It was clear: he didn't care about me. Sometimes he would be over an hour late! One time we were going to an organized event, & he got mad when I told him you couldn't be late to it—(cuz it was organized by someone else!) Like: can't you respect OTHER people's priorities? Worst: I was too stupid to confront him about his rudeness.

Looking back, it was outrageous. I just wanna vent: how would you have reacted? Thanks.

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    I would probably not say anything but, stop planning any meeting time, date time etc.

    And id slowly move to not contact them and get them out of my life...i simply don't have time for that.

    That's really rude of him...and says volumes about his values.

    Too prove a point and to be just a rude...I'd tell him meet me here or their and you have no plans to go to meet or call and tell him...that you're not showing up...but it was delightful that he waited...HA!

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