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What is believable about pro wrestling?

I see people discussing about how wrestling today isn't believable. When has it ever been? Almost every move couldn't be performed in a real fight. Matches can't end without someone doing their finisher. If wrestling had an ounce of believability then Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey would hold every single belt in WWE. Maybe I'm overlooking something.


Wrestling isn’t believable Dave. Stop trying to defend this fake garbage. 

Update 2:

*I’m sorry, Groove Thing. Stupid autocorrect. 

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    Congraturaisins, you have done well in missing the point.  

    In my opinion professional wrestling being believable would be no different to an action movie being believable, in the past pro wrestling matches told a balanced story in the ring that would make sense the same way an action flick does.  Now you see professional wrestlers more focused on how many spots they can pull off in a minute no matter how little it works with the flow of the match, you don't have a problem with Seth Rollins nailing Curb Stomps in the double digits or The Young Bucks hitting more Super Kicks in one match then HBK probably did his entire career yet still not taking out the opponent then you're part of the problem.

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