Why is my boss such a suck-up to his boss?

My boss is such a suck-up to his boss. He would always go to lunch with his boss everyday. He also doesn't leave for the day until his boss leaves so they can leave the office together. And whenever his boss makes a silly subjective complaints about our department, my boss gets all jumpy and nervous that my boss yells at me and my colleagues rather than stepping up to defend us. And because he goes to lunch and leaves the office whenever his boss does, my boss also expects me and my colleages to take lunch at the same time they take lunch and also we can't leave the office until he leaves. This is all because of my boss being such a suck-up to his boss and because of that, it affects us and we feel like slaves. Why is my boss such a suck-up to his boss?

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    3 weeks ago
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    Ask them.......

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