What’s a good digital camera that shoots like film ?

I’ve been looking into Polaroids but the new models kinda suck so I was searching up the older models but it’s hard to find blank prints that aren’t expired so then I looked into film cameras and developing film or taking it somewhere seems like a lot of work so here I am asking if there are any DIGITAL cameras that SHOOT like film that are very very affordable my budget is 100 dollars I just hate the way digital cameras look and film is more my style but it’s easy if there was a digital camera that shoots just like film both in looks 

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  • keerok
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    3 weeks ago

    What exactly is a "film picture"? AFAIK, they're the same - film and digital. The rules of photography didn't change. It's still the same aperture size, shutter speed, ISO and amount of light settings needed to get an exposure value. I can make a picture appear the same way (almost) in both film and digital.

    So what's the difference? To me it's basically focus. Digital cameras are made to focus razor sharp with all the anti-shake technologies nowadays. People don't see that way in real life so that's what's making it unnatural. There are many ways to achieve that slight blur with digital cameras. The easiest is just to shoot with a slower shutter speed than recommended.

    Another may be color saturation. Again, we don't see colors popping up that boldly in real life but since photography is mostly about making pictures look better than reality, it's all about preference and how you set the camera to your liking.

    So what I'm saying is that you can use any digital camera out there to make pictures look like film. If you get a simple camera, you can manipulate the pictures in the computer to your liking. If you get a fully adjustable one like a dSLR or mirrorless, you can get what you in-camera by tinkering with the settings.

    Finally, there are cameras that have a preset called "Toy camera" or "Old camera". I've seen these in some Sony Cybershot cameras (point and shoot) and some cheap Pentax dSLRs (Kx, Kr). I never use them but it may be just what you're looking for.

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