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Can you pay with a non-reloadable prepaid card for a credit card payment?

I’m looking to buy something that’s meant to be paid for with a credit card, and I’m not old enough to open a bank account yet. I don’t even online shop very often, so I’m not very sure about this kind of stuff. It says it can be paid for with a visa credit card, but will a prepaid visa card work? It might sound dumb, but I’ve tried searching this up and all of the sites I’ve checked are very vague about it. :(

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    As I mentioned just a minute ago in a different post, the answer is a definitive "maybe".

    No legit site will sell online to a minor willingly. And attempting it can screw you up in the future if you try to lie about it. (Ebay, paypal)

    DON'T EVEN TRY fooling ebay or paypal because you will usually fail and regret it.

    I use prepaid gift cards almost everywhere because i can usually get them at a slight discount and I am not a minor trying to trick or scam anyone.  I pay with gift cards and nearly everywhere I shop except for a a local grocery store where they don't sell gift cards and Winn Dixie where they will only sell them to you for cash.

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