Did I do right or what should I do now?

My crush is girl B and her girlfriend is girl A. 

So a couple of days ago at college, I approached to my crush and her girlfriend to say Hi after not seeing them for a while because of winter break. However, there was kind of an issue between us having roots from a situation, involving another friend, that happened last semester before leaving for winter break. But that's something else apart and not really my main concern here. Anyways, when I was talking to them about that issue, my crush whom is her girlfriend, stepped away and went to the restroom, and then in that moment between the conversation her girlfriend(girl A) suddenly asked me if I like her girlfriend(my crush), if I'm into her, because supposedly someone told her, to which I replied: No I don't like her, relax, who told you that?(I asked twice), and she said I'm okay, it doesn't matter who told me, though it's all good if you like her. And then I still lied saying I don't. She didn't look upset or angry. I don't know how she came up with that question, however, I've told about liking this girl B(my crush) only to a couple of people we know, but I'm almost sure they didn't say anything to this girl A, so I think she suspects something. I've always been a nice girl to my crush at school, you know, attentive, caring and such. I know her, as well as her gf(A), since last year and we get along well. But anyways, did I do right that I lied to her saying I'm not into this girl? or what should I do? Thanks for reading!


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  • 4 weeks ago

    Your question makes my head explode. If there is a girl you like, tell her so, tell her friend so, and find a reason to be with her for lunch or coffee or whatever to get to know her. Your byzantine approach to flirtation is frustrating me no end.

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  • reme_1
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    You might have a crush on this gal but she has a girlfriend. It would be better if you just backed off from them for a while.

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