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Help me interpret this dream?

There is this girl who I've argued with at school, I'll call her Ellie, I felt really bad at the time, I had a crush on her and wanted to be friends. It's been like 3 months now and I'm over it.

The dream was about Ellie, she was really mean to me in school for no reason (which she doesn't do in real life) then in assembly she threw a hockey puck at me from across the hall (I do not play hockey) so the teacher was mad at us both and sent us out. Ellie was then in a room with my diary (which is odd because I don't even keep a diary) and read that she was an idiot and I hated her. She then said she was going to kill me, then I woke up.

What did this dream mean?

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    Notice how many times you are wrong about her in this short description of this dream.  She read your diary, but you don't keep a diary. She is mean to you in this dream, but not in real Life. She threw a hockey puck at you but you don't play hockey.  The diary which you don't have told her you thought she was an idiot ad you hated her, and she then expressed the wish to kill you.  There s a whole lot of drama in this dream.  Why were you attracted to her in the first place?  Did you feel sorry for her, and the whole thing backfire and then explode on you?  I feel as if Ellie is part of you, and you are unaware of this volatile side of your nature. 

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    Jealousy is an emotion that kills however morbid jealousy is an emotion that restricts and will overwhelm a woman who has children herself to kill them. No control and walking around freely. Let's stop and stare.

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    Ok, how strange, it's been 10 days since I had the same.

    Strange twist to mine though, I found this crown in the same room and stuck it up her bottom.

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