Opened new tab during CCAT?


I was taking an aptitude test for a job. I've taken the CCAT before and done okay. I was doing REALLY well this time. I had a lot of extra time (believe it or not) so I opened a new browser and used a calculator (instructed not to, but  no video) I returned to the other tab and I had to open the test again to commence. Will I be disqualified for this? Will my employer suspect I cheated now?

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  • 1 month ago
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    doubtful they would know you opened a new tab. but it would have been better probably to use the windows integrated calculator.

  • George
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    1 month ago

    What do you think will go through their minds when they find out what you did? This candidate cannot be trusted to follow instructions so we don't want him working for us. You blew it! You might get away with a sudden need to use the bathroom excuse but I doubt it.

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    • Jordan1 month agoReport

      They want me to retake the exam on video. I have no problem doing that. The calculate really didn't help very much. I still remember some of my correct answers from the calculator and the CCAT was almost identical the last time I took it and the time before that so I'll be fine.

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