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Who are your top 10 NY Giants QBs of all time and does Eli even make the list?

He doesn't make mine: 

Phil Simms

Jeff Hostetler

Fran Tarkenton

Y.A. Tittle

Charlie Conerly

Earl Morrall

Kurt Warner

Ed Danowski

Craig Morton

Kerry Collins

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  • 1 month ago

    I would think that in order for a player to be listed as a top 10 QB for a franchise they would have to do something significant for the team.

    Some of these guys barely even played for the Giants.Kurt Warner 10 whole games.Some of them had played awhile (like Collins) but accomplished very little.

    Manning may not have been an elite QB of his time but he played good enough to get the team in the postseason 6 times and winning Super Bowl MVPs.

    Had he retired earlier I think his career would be looked upon differntly  

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  • 1 month ago

    That's a stupid question and putting Hoss, Collins, Morton, and Warner's brief stint with the Jints over Eli made it a terrible list by the way. Some of the others are arguable depending on how one considers their careers due to different time period like Ed who played in the 1930s and had a short career. Also Craig Morton flopped with the Giants.

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