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Fightlite scr raider as a truck gun?

Thinking about getting one in 300 blackout as a truck gun. Seems small, sleek(ish) isn't really capacity limited has better range and accuracy than alot of pistols.

Most likely would be running it with a red dot.Are there any good reasons to not get one?Would 

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  • 2 months ago

    A 'truck gun' is usually one of your older rifles, or, one that you don't mind getting kicked or beaten.  Maybe you need it next month - maybe it will be two years from now - for reason the last thing you want on it is a freaking red dot sight..... because the batteries are about guaranteed to be failed when you need it.

    Me.  I arrived at an accident scene were a Camaro struck a moose, clipped off the lower legs and the moose body came through the windshield back first.  Bent the steering column into the driver and crushed her chest.  Killed the front passenger, sheared the seat bolts and slammed it into the legs of the person behind him and broke both her legs.  When I arrived onlookers had pulled the moose out of the windshield with a rope and it tried to walk away on all 4 broken legs - the scream of pain from the animal still haunts me nearly 30 years later. Nothing was in season so nobody had a gun..... a few inches at a time, 3 feet a minute, it slowly moved away with the scream that would all the demons from hell.  It was hard to concentrate helping the hurt people with that noise in our brains.  Finally, after 20 minutes of listening, a logging truck came by - he had a gun and finished the poor animal off.

    After that - I made damn sure to keep a gun in my vehicle.  My current 'truck gun' is a simple stainless lever action Marlin in 45-70 with open sights.  This is a rifle I can put under the back seat and pull out three years later and it will work.  I cannot say the same thing for any AR's.

    I used to have a stock, stainless, Mini-14 on my 40' sailboat.  That made a nice boat gun

    About 18 years ago a motorcyclist south of where I live hit a calf moose. The mother tried to stomp him to death.  Lucky for him two brave men were close by, one used his car to distract the moose (his vehicle took damage) while the other drove up to the injured motorcyclist and dragged him into the car for protection.  Front page of the newspaper the next day had the picture of his partially crushed helmet with a hoof print deeply imbedded.  If not for the helmet the moose would have squished his head like a heavy mallet into a melon. 

    • ZDAYSURVIVR2 months agoReport

      I dont think a dead battery would be a problem. Every few months I check my gas can for leaks or swelling, I check my liPo jumpstarter for a charge, I rotate my emergency snacks and clean and maintain all the firearms I dont keep in regular rotation. No dead batteries for me!

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  • 2 months ago

    Sure, all the weight and awkwardness of a standard AR pistol with no brace for stability and a non-standard bolt, fire control, and recoil.  While a supersonic .300 BLK would have greater range than 9mm or .45 ACP,

    here is nothing inherent about the design that suggests it would be more accurate than a standard handgun and certainly not more accurate than a standard AR pistol design.  In fact I am pretty sure a 2lb (loaded weight) Glock 17 can be handled more quickly and accurately than that 4.7 lb (loaded with 18 rounds) could be.   

    And it is going to be nearly instant hearing damage loud and probably have a pretty good flash.

    Best reason not to get one is that for the money, you could do better for almost any purpose (say it is a truck gun is pretty vague).     This review pretty much concludes that there are better options for most ranges and situations.  AND he had plenty of malfunctions.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Whatever floats your boat.  If it walks like a noob, and talks like a noob, . . . . . .

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