Why do some people vomit the night of and others vomit the morning after drinking? ?

As a college student who hates binge drinking, I end up taking care of my peers who enjoy the vicious act. I have noticed that there is a overwhelming split regarding the time different people vomit. Some people only vomit the morning after, or very late into the night after they have gotten back from the bars, and others only vomit soon after drinking too much, usually earlier in the night while they are still at the bars.

I find it very interesting that people can classify themselves as either a "morning puker" or a "night puker".

What causes the difference in the time that people vomit after drinking?I have heard that it has to do with the hydration and food they have in their stomachs prior to starting drinking, although it was just speculation.Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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    4 weeks ago
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    There could be many biological and physical factors involved. Drinking straight spirits could irritate the stomach so bad that it causes someone to vomit, or the symptoms of intoxication such as 'room spin' or extreme dizziness can cause vomiting. Or stomach irritation the next morning could cause morning vomiting.

    The amount of food in someones stomach before they start drinking can affect how intoxicated the get.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Its simple

    Booze is an acid, and too much acid that hits the stomach lining will irritate it! This causes nausea, and really can occur at any point after too much consumption, it can be minutes, or even hours after the fact.

    It has nothing to do with dehydratation or food in the stomach.

    Source(s): Both my parents are boozehounds.
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