How to advertise and on facebook or google?

I want to advertise an ebook which describes how to operate different ultrasound machines to do heart ultrasound and want to target people who are already doing heart ultrasound or are students who will become ultrasonographers


Give me some basic idea, I am very new here.    thanks

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Hey! There's a whole process, how you can do this. The main steps involve doing market research for identifying the target customer group, then building your offer stack and then creating an Ad to reach the right audience. It would be difficult to explain in more detail here.

    If you wish, you can reach me on

    Sangeeta Patil

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Social media marketing is a great way to improve your brand awareness or build your business quickly. If you are using Facebook for marketing then, you can make your business more successful but only if you know how to run a campaign properly. It’s more important to know how to manage your budget, but even more important to know how to target business owners and ads so you can get more audiences and conversion for your marketing campaign. 

    Don't Worry !!I'm gonna tell you some most effective ways that will help you out: - 

    1. Target Young Generation People.

    2. Build Loyalty with Custom Audiences on Facebook.

    3. Target small business organization owners.

    4. Retarget people that visit your site.

    5. Create lookalike audiences.

    6. Target gamers and technology - centric peoples.

    9. Target buyer profiles.

    10.Target people that respond to your event. These are some of the best ways, I hope this information will help you. 

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