How much fat can the body store?

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      Ok! Our bodies store fat so that we can convert it back to sugars when food is scarce. Its a natural thing for all creatures to do. In most Western countries today FOOD is widely available and, some people just don't have self-control so, their body stores any excess calories as fat. And it will go ON and ON and ON storing it.   


     Our bodies DO try to get rid of excess fat in faeces (i.e. runny, smelly fatty poo that obese people often have) but, our bodies aren't designed to cope with too much fat. Eventually our body just say's! F*UCK YOU F*UCK YOU I'VE HAD ENOUGH. By that time of course YOU'RE DEAD. 


    Apparenly women can store more fat than men because of their hormones and, the distrubution of fat differs between male and female bodies.  Women store more fat as a % of their body to protect their unborn children in the womb and, as a portable store of calories used to make breast milk for infants. 


    Sadly, today some folks have forgotten how to listen to their body's messages telling them not to eat too much FAT after a certain point, like heart attacks,shortness of breath due to excess weight. We already have signs that tell us to stop eating at the end of the meal, but some people chose to ignore it.  




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      Thanks for the BA.

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  • carrie
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    1 month ago

    Traditional wisdom clams it takes 3.500 calories extra a day to gain a pound of fat. Each body is different and some people can store more fat than others.

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