What are the odds of my abusive ex/child's father trying to get custody of my daughter?

He abused me before and during my pregnancy, been unsupportive and talking to other women. I'm not financially stable and going into a women's shelter to get help and move on. I refuse to live with this man. But he works two jobs, getting his own apartment and owns a car which are things I don't have. In the shelter they'll help me in all forms to get on my feet, also I'm not a druggie or anything but I have anxiety and depression from my past. I still feel capable of being a good mom I just have to straighten my life out. I'm moving to the shelter and not telling him I'm moving or where it's at and I'm not letting him be there for the birth either. I feel like he'll try to be spiteful and get custody. I haven't reported his abuse to the cops so it's not documented.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    He might get more pleasure out of being in control and tormenting you than he'd ever get from actually having to raise his child. It's good that you are going into hiding and will get help. You are not legally required to notify him when you give birth and you are not legally required to notify him afterwards either. If you don't put his name on the birth certificate, then he'll have to get a lawyer to get a court order to even get a dna test.

    Since I don't know the guy, there's no way I can predict whether or not he'll seek custody of the baby. He likely won't. Even Dads that do usually like to wait until the kid is potty trained and can call them Daddy. As for those other women? Dating a guy with an infant child isn't all that much fun. It'd cut down on his action considerably. Again, I don't know the guy.

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    4 weeks ago

    Important for me to answer:

    Can you be more specific in the abuse you took if you're comfortable? I'll come back later and ill answer if information is provided. 

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