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Emma asked in TravelUnited StatesNew Orleans · 4 months ago

New Orleans?

Hi I'm heading to New Orleans at the end of may. I was wondering what weather was like at that time of year and what should be packed for night times. Any recommendations on what to go and see.

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  • 4 months ago
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    New Orleans has a semi-tropical climate. In late May, the difference between day time and night time temperatures is it's normally hot to very hot during the day while is merely hot or quite warm during the evening. You coming from a climate like in Ireland probably means it will seem very hot during the day and merely very warm during the evening.

    (realize the above temperatures are monthly averages so the somewhat cooler temps of early May offset the temps during late May)  

    Late May is not as humid as July/August but it is still usually humid.  Humidity is normally higher during the morning than during the afternoon, but temperatures are higher during the afternoon.

    Try to do outdoor activities (walking tours, zoo, etc.) during the mornings and save indoor activities (aquarium, museums, etc.) for the afternoons. 

    Note rain in New Orleans is rarely misting. Hard rainstorms for relatively short periods are the norm during the hotter months.

    Re-posting your question in the New Orleans section is generally a good idea, but the facts about the weather won't change. 

    Things to do/see:

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  • 4 months ago

    I already told you it will be hot. The temperature doesn't change much at night because the city is at sea level and the humidity is high. Still, May is a better time to visit than July or August. 

    One of the best things we've done in New Orleans is the food tour- you can find it listed on You walk around the French Quarter with a guide, go inside some of the famous restaurants, hear about the history and sample some of the favorite dishes. 

    There's a riverwalk and a paddle boat you can take a ride on.  At one end of the French Quarter is the Cafe du Monde, where you should have coffee and beignets. Past it is a market with lots of vendors, some selling produce, but many selling all kinds of things. It's fun to walk through. 

    There's World War II museum, and visits to old plantations.

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