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is doing housework a great way to burn extra calories? (is this why some women seem to be addicted to it?)?

have you ever been to someone's home and it seems like they have it just **perfectly clean**...? do they maybe like to clean their homes constantly to burn calories and lose weight?


like just doing things like wiping things down with cleaner, vacuuming, picking up and sorting through things, orgnanzing them, how many calories per hour extra would burn instead of just laying around on the sofa?

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    I mean it would burn a lot to keep the house perfectly clean but it’s still less then just going on a walk, I think they just put a lot of their personal pride in having a well kept house and you noticing it is what they want. 

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    1 month ago

    you could clean it with a sledge hammer. good cardio and builds shoulder and back muscles 

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