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Implantation bleeding or just my normal period? ?

I had a child 5 years ago and I knew I was pregnant before I took a test. Had that feeling & when I went for a pee & wiped it had tiny blood. I mean tiny very little. Midwife told me implantation bleeding. 

So now my husband & I are trying for another baby. Only since last month. So I’ll finish my period then usually always have another period after 23/24 days. 

We planned sex on fertile/ovulation days. I’m due on my period in about 5/6 days and this morning I had some bleeding. Light pink bleeding not a lot but definitely more than what I experienced with my first child. 

Today is 19 days since my last period which is weird because I never have another one this soon so this could be my period. I’m not sure yet I’ll have to see how today goes if the bleeding stops etc.

My boobs over the last 6 days have been extremely sore & tender like I’ve been punched. I get sore boobs a day or two before my period too but never for 6 days. 

So, what do you think? Could this be implantation bleeding or a normal period? I’m hoping it isn’t my period 😫

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    Implantation bleeding is a spot or two of blood at most, and it's uncommon.  Even with your last one, you can't automatically diagnose it as implantation bleeding.  Spotting is normal and common at any point in a woman's cycle, implantation/pregnancy is the LEAST common cause.   Just because you've never had a cycle that short before doesn't mean you aren't having one now.  Anything can throw off any given cycle, making it shorter, longer, heavier, lighter, etc.   Certainly if you ARE pregnant, the breast soreness would have nothing to do with anything, because there wouldn't be hCG yet.   Long story short, all you can do is wait and see if you start actually bleeding or if you need to take a test n another week.

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