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 Ask how the dLet me start off by stating that I live in the california valley where is it really hot in the summer and mostly dry durring the winter.... previosly she stated that keeping my backdoor open is a security risk and then a few months later my landlord has stated she wants me to keep my back door closed to keep moisture out ( I keep it open along with windows while I'm home to let air in sometimes, as well as leaving it open when not home to leave the two dogs I have able to use the yard to go to the bathroom, they have access to the yard and laundry room that is tiled).... first she says she doesnt want dogs to be able to go in and out to drag moisture in ..and offers a doggie door... I tell her why I leave it open sometimes for air and whatnot. And she then responds with the fog and moisture in the air settles inside and she doesnt want moisture inside the house! So basically saying to keep my windows and doors shut!!!! This bothers me as I rent this place and I feel I can keep doors and windows open as much as I want I pay for these amenities and if I want the door open or windows open I CAN! theres obviously more to the story to her being a slumlord but this is the jist... I open doors to let air in. She wants me to keep them closed... AND that's another thing..... in order to see my back door she has to walk up my driveway alley about 200' and peek into my backyard to see my door open! ....does she have grounds to stand on or can I keep my ******* door open?


Idk how it got messed up in typos in some areas. But hopefully you guys get the point.  Thanks

Update 2:

Might I also add that we are behind in pge because we went over year with a hole in our cieling due to to leak in our our roof. She took a year to fix with a bucket and tarps in our living room!!!!!! With all of our heat escaping into the attic!!!! We never asked for a lower payment ect. Ect. Not related to above question but shows how she is! . I'm looking at moving of course because we've outgrown this house first off and she is a slumlord.. and NO I'm not your gryping tenant.i make 23.5 an hr

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  • 4 weeks ago

    She cannot make you keep the doors & windows shut.  All you can do is move when your lease is up. 

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  • Bort
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    4 weeks ago

    She is being ridiculous. Move out and in to a better place as soon as you can. Get away from the crazy lady as a landlord. If there was a hole in the roof like you said there's already a heaping ton of 'moisture' and water damage probably throughout the entire building that if she was really concerned about 'moisture' causing damage she would have had fixed immediately. 

    I would generally reply to a question like this suggesting to follow and obey the landlords wishes because it's their property, they own it. Whether whatever they're requesting is on the lease or not it's a matter and form of respecting their wishes as the owner to care for the place as the owner wants it to be but...this lady sounds like she's got some hardware upstairs missing and the rest is rattling around about to fall out. 

    Do as you please and get out of there as soon as possible. This time of year in California the weather is really nice. There's no reason not to have the doors and windows open unless you live in the hood where it really isn't safe to do that because clepto's or wackos will just walk in and do as they please because it's open. You should know your neighborhood. If you're not afraid of something like that happen there's no reason to close them and pile up the electric bill(s) running AC when there's a nice cool breeze outside.  

    • Kevin4 weeks agoReport

      Thank you so much and yes we are actively looking for a new place  but our credit score limits us of course. And as much as I'd like to tell her off and tell her I'm going to keep my doors open I dont know how to do so without pissing her off. Lol  we are on a month to month now. But yes i 100% agre

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  • 4 weeks ago

    While you are paying the rent, she has no business telling you this. It is your home while you pay the rent. I think you should be able to leave your doors/windows open. I would pay her no mind, she can't evict you for leaving doors & windows open. Doors & windows are made to open & close.

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    I think she is a tad touched.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Can I ask why this is on Pets - Dogs?  You'd be wise to move this to Business & Finance - Renting and Real Estate.

    • Kevin4 weeks agoReport

      As you wrote that I was actively trying to find the right catagory to place it in but couldnt find it. Idk why it defaulted to dogs... maybe because that was my last question idk. But thank you. I posted in renting and real estate. Idk

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