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If I watch porn on hotel internet, can entire hotel get malware and they charge me for it?

So, if I plug my laptop into a hotel's internet connection and I watch porn, I know porn sites can have malware. If I somehow catch it and it spreads to the hotel network, could the hotel know it was me and then charge me extra money because I watched porn?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    This depends on how their network is set up, if its a normal commercial network it will have a separate guest network so if you get a virus it will be restricted to just guests. Yes they can see what sites you visit but not what you do on them, and as for charging you more usually they charge for the access not what you do whilst online. If though you compromise their network in any way you may have agreed when you connected in the terms that that you pay for the cleanup... did you read the terms and conditions

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I don’t think so man it would probably only infect your computer, I think you have to a really dedicated virus/hacker to infect a whole network they don’t care that much and it would get the fbi looking for them. But anyway most porn sites that you’ve heard of don’t have viruses anyway they just have annoying pop ups maybe. You’ll be fine. 

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