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Should I wait until he replies ?

Recently got into fight with my partner. He is now ignoring me. In the past we went through this. I even asked him if he wants to move on he doesn’t respond just ignores me. Everyone is saying he will be back. Why can’t a man just express his mind instead of hiding and if he’s not interested anymore just say move on. Do men do this to have you chase them. I know for me if I’m not interested I will tell someone. *Also when he’s mad at me he will block then unblock me. Is this a silly game men play I don’t understand why he want just say let’s move on instead of ignoring and acting like a child 

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    You got it in one 99. I am guilty of this myself and it's one of life's great mysteries why the heck we do it. All men have a child in them and there is nothing that can be done to alter that. He'll cool down and seek you out I would imagine. Don't like it, find another guy and you'll encounter similar. The grass isn't greener, all men think along the same waky lines.

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