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About Square Payroll I am New To It I thought whatever I filled out on it was going to be on my W4?

On My W2 it says it took Federal and State Taxes out I am just confused with this Square Payroll this is my first time doing it


I just don’t want to be screwed 

Update 2:


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  • 2 months ago
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    First, see my answer to your first question.  How can you be screwed?  They took out money for federal and state taxes. You file your state and federal returns.  They say how much you owed. If too much was taken out, you get the difference refunded to you. If too little was taken out, you owe something. The only way you could be screwed is if they reported less taken out than they actually did, or that they paid yo more than they actually did.  That wouldn't show up if you had a W-4.  You would have to look at your pay stubs to verify those amounts.

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