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how many miles is it from coast of Spain to coast of Cuba? and what is difference between "Nautical miles and normal American miles?"_?

like if could drive over the Atlantic Ocean, how long would it take to drive going 60 mph speed from edge/coast of Spain to Cuba? why it took Columbus like 5-6 weeks?

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    The distance is about 4042 miles from Spain to Cuba.  However, Columbus left from Palos de la Frontera, which is not the closest point to Cuba. That adds another 114 miles. At 60 mph non-stop, it would take nearly 70 hours ( 2 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes). It took Columbus a lot longer, because his ships were a lot slower, and he zig-zagged a lot, and he stopped at the Canary Islands and some islands in the Bahamas.

    One nautical mile is 1.15978 "American" miles.

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    One nautical mile is 6,080 feet, one statute ("normal") mile is 5,280 feet.

    The shortest distance between the easternmost point of Cuba, just south of town of Punta de Maisi to Cape Finisterre, on Spain Atlantic Coast is 3,498 nautical miles, or 4,025 statute miles

    Source(s): Google Earth Pro ruler tool.
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