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How can I find him again?!?

I’m a freshman in college and I went to the rec room tonight with my roommate. It’s behind a Starbucks in our student center and has pool tables, ping pong, and TVs. 

my roommate and i decided to play pool and there are so many pool tables by the way. 

there's this guy with a group of girls that come to the table directly next to us. The guy came first then the girls followed. I noticed that the guy kept glancing over in my direction but I didn’t look up I just saw him out the corner of my eye so I don't know for sure. 

when I was about to hit one of my balls he stopped me and showed me how I should put my hands and hold the pool rod so I could make a good shot. 

he didn’t help my roommate or anything and I thought it was weird how he stopped playing his game just to do that. I took it as a compliment 

but afterwards my roommate was like “you’re just getting all the guys lol” and said I should’ve talked to him lol

What should I have said back to him because I’m interested.

was he flirting and if he was then how do I see him again?

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