What is the Diagnosis & What Can I do for my Dear Friend to Help Her?

I very dear friend of mine has been going down Mentally for the last few years but its been really bad for the past year. She is really forgetful & gets obsessed with taking her medication & all she does is look at her meds for hours & looks when her next med is due. She seems to get really confused late afternoon & into nighttime. She has had several UTI's, Shingles in her Eye & now she has Hyperthyroidism. Is there anything that I can do to Comfort her any at all. She is really scared & cries everyday. She dont know what is happening to her. She is not even 70 yrs. old yet. What is going on you think? I am thinking it looks like Stage 4 Dementia with Sundowner's Syndrome but I'm not sure yet. She has been on all kinds of meds for UTI & to help Save Eye from Shingles. Any Help at all Would Be Very Much Appreciated. Thanks

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    2 days ago

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