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I don’t like my boyfriend anymore.?

We are both in high school so I suppose obviously it wouldn’t last but, I feel bad if I were to break the promises we made. Things like “we’ll move in together.” I did like him when we got together, but it has been a little less than a year and I just don’t feel attraction for him anymore. I dread being with him honestly, and I just don’t feel the same way I used to. He’s definitely physically attractive but I don’t feel the appeal. I always have to fake being cutesy and caring when really instead of texting him I would rather be doing other things. In public I feel embarrassed to be around him and would rather that people think we’re just friends. There are also some things he does that annoy me. I feel like our personalities don’t match? Is it bad to feel a bit turned off when someone is overly caring? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. And even though I have no feelings for him I would feel too bad to break up! Especially because he cares so much for me. Please help ):

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    You have to educate him. Tell him to man up and be more aggressive. The reason he is like this is because of the lies women tell the world how they want to be with their best friend and a nice guy when really they don't. He is trying his best to be what you want SO TELL HIM EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. Instead of the bullshit facade women put on about being innocent and all that, tell him you want him to be aggressive, you want him to slam you against the wall and dominate you, tell him you want him to take control and tell you what to do. You want him to make his work his priority and not you. Just tell him to stop being a nice guy because he will find out soon enough how women are so full of it. Basically tell him what you really want and that is to be treated like a whore. Disagree all you like but all women know it's just the plain truth.

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    You have no feelings for him? The only decent thing to do is be honest and break up. Staying together because he cares for you isn't doing him any favors. He deserves the truth.

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