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How to produce music?

I am a dream pop singer songwriter, and I’ve dabbled in GarageBand for years, but I don’t know enough about production to do something professional sounding. I also have a bad habit of putting on too many layers and I don’t know how to keep things simple or how to adjust the volume so that the tracks aren’t overshadowing each other.

Also how do I perform productions I make on the computer, live? Especially since I don’t play instruments that well. Is it boring to see someone standing on stage clicking plaIsn’t it boring to see someone standing on stage singing to a backing track?

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    There are schools to teach you the business side of music. Perhaps you can enroll in one. Also you said you don't play instruments well. You should take lessons and really work at it. 

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    By your own admission you lack MOST of the skills needed to do this at all, never mind doing it well.  There are four of us in this family who are full-time working professional musicians, conductors, adjudicators, studio teachers, etc.  All have multiple degrees, decades of experience.  Adult son (40) has additional Masters in digital music and audio production.  What got us all here is EDUCATION - tons of it.  Then - experience - DH and I have been doing this full-time since 1973.  Trying to teach yourself at home might be cheap - but you get what you pay for.  Take REAL classes - not on YooToob, but live with qualified instructors, perhaps at your local college or community college.  Have patience - this will take a LONG time, since you have so much to learn.  You do not play an instrument - take some piano lessons.  You will also learn to read treble and bass clef, and get around on a keyboard.  Learn some theory - form, structure, melody/harmony/rhythm composition - then arranging, instrumentation, etc.  If you see/hear a top pro in concert - I will guarantee you that they might know SOME of this (no, they were not born geniuses, no matter what their publicist says . . .) - but at a point, they PAY pros to do all the serious musical things, plus all the audio - and then there is *recording* of live performance, and post-production, editing, etc.  No wonder you feel swamped - there is a LOT that going into all this, and you are only one person - and very ill-equipped in the musical education parts that you recognize you need.  So START LEARNING - we all did.  YA is full of whiners and people looking for a short cut.  There ARE NONE.  Good luck - we did not learn all this in a month, or even a year - but we always loved the path we were on, so learning more was rewarding!

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