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What’s wrong with my black neon tetra ?

My neon tetra has lived alone for a while because originally he was in a 10 gallon tank with a betta and 5 other neons, but the neons weren’t very hardy and all but one died quickly after I bought them. I never saw the betta hurt The tetra and they lived together for years without any problems until the betta eventually died. I didn’t buy any more tetras because I didn’t want to keep killing them so he’s been alone for quite a long time :_(  Anyway, all of that was irrelevant and I’m just here to ask what I can do for him, I think he has bloat. Thank you!


I fed him a Cooked frozen pea, and he ate some, but he got worse. He’s gotten more curved, more bloated, popeyed, and his his butt is red and swollen. There isn’t any pine coning that I noticed, but I think it’s dropsy. I’m going set him up a hospital tank with some salt in it. Any more advice is appreciated!

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    Do you see any pine coning on the fish? Are you positive it is a male?Is this a female? They can become egg bound if no males are present causing their stomachs to bloat. Is she stressed from being alone? Schooling fish require being in groups. 

    It could be swimmers bladder. That also causes bloating. You can try feeding him/her 1 cooked pea (frozen,not canned. Skin off) a day to see if that helps. Fish can become constipated and that lead to bloat/swimmers bladder. If you see him or her in true discomfort such as turning over, unable to swim or eat, it may best to put him or her down.

    I use Pure organic clove essential oil to humanly euthanize aquatics. I had to euthanize a betta I bought from a pet store knowing she had dropsy but thought I would try to save her. She lived for a week. It broke my heart that I couldn't save her.

    I hope you can recover him or her. Good luck to and your little buddy.

  • 1 month ago

    that looks like bloat to me.

    in regards to the other tetras dying when you got them - did you properly acclimate them? I would recommend drip acclimating them next time to ensure their transfer to their new tank isn't stressful. fish that are not properly acclimated to their new tank typically die with a day or two. I had this same problem the first time I got a tank. I half-assed the acclimation process and all my tetras died, though my betta was just fine.

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