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Wavelike head sensation?

I’ve had this weird sharp pressure that seems like a wave in particular areas on my head. Almost feels as if I’m dizzy, but I’m not. It happens pretty often now. My head also has pressure and it travels. One minute it can be in my forehead the next it’s on the side or back of my head. I went to an ENT and the doc said my sinuses looked fine. I guess I should mention that I also have had problems with my neck locking recently if I am sitting too long. Any ideas? I don’t want to spend anymore money on docs. I’m 19, female.


The internet is starting to scare me. Other than these symptoms in my head, I feel completely fine, no nausea or vomiting or pain. It’s not really pain or a headache rather pressure and sharp dispersions of almost a sharp dizziness, but not really dizzy. Sorry if it’s so long.

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    It sounds like tension headaches where the scalp muscles tense causing weird pressure and tingling and tightness across the head. Mine are brought on by a permanent neck injury I sustained in a car accident so your neck locking would fit. Tension headaches are also unsuprisingly brought on by stress and tension.

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