Should I drop out?

So, I was adopted 6 years ago when I was 12.  I have struggled with catching up with school because I moved all the time.  When I was adopted I was able to catch up and got A's and B's and my GPA was 3.7 and then my Junior year my parents made me switches schools and the classes were harder and it is a small town and teachers are very biased against newbies and did not know how to help me even when I asked. I got Cs and Ds and now I am in my senior year and I had a seizure due to stress and I got really behind in my classes and none of my teachers cared and did not care about giving me time to do my work.  ( I was out of school for a month.)

I want to graduate but I feel it is out of reach and I am tired of crying and stressing out. Should I drop out? 

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  • Cu Tie
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Considering the amount of time you already missed, as well as your fragile mental and physical state, I believe that it would be best for you to miss the rest of the school year to recover, and then return in the fall to complete your high school studies as a 5th year senior. You can either apply to 4-year colleges in the fall, or attend a community college for the following 2 years then transfer to a good college for your final 2 years of college (this option will save you money for the first 2 years of college, which can be very helpful to you).

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It's not long until you will graduate. Just hang on for a few more months, then it will be over unless you decide to go to college.

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