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Ex GF messaged me weirdly?

Broke up with my ex about a year and 3 months ago. We had no contact until September of last year in which she initiated and apologised for her behaviour as a recent breakup had made her realise how she should appreciate how others (me) treated her in the past. I decided to clear the air on my part and I sent her a follow up message in November in which she accepted. 3 days ago, I recieved a text from her asking if I still attend a particular venue for a pastime we both had in common. I decided to play it cool and just say "sometimes". Since then she has neither seen or opened the message. Is it just a mindgame? 


The message was sent late at night and it appears she has a new boyfriend by the looks of her social media status.

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    You’re not dating. Who knows what exactly was going on when she texted you, but clearly she’s not into it now, and doesn’t want to pursue it (you). Delete it so you stop thinking about it.

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    I agree with the previous post and I am going through the same thing. It's all about making them feel better that you miss them and/or still think about them. I wish when people decided it was over that they would leave it there. Be strong.

    • Yeah it’s really frustrating isn’t it :/ I don’t know why people are like this and can’t be more straight forward. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You do realize that narcissist will contact you years later hurt you again because they ran out of narcissistic supply very dangerous. She might be setting you up for false accusations.

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