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How do you deal with a selfish relative? ?

So I live with a selfish relative and it's getting to the point where my life is being controlled by them. Things like I have to get super earlier just to use the bathroom because they insist they need it for longer before going out, they insist that they don't need to contribute to the house hold income (they are an adult), they never help around the house and make a massive mess and while my parents are struggling to keep the house, they are going on shopping sprees every five minutes, while I am paying money to my parents and helping around the house. My relative is so selfish but yet gets away with it and always puts herself first when others around her are struggling. Even with the smallest of things. Do you have any advice on how to cope with someone like this? If I express this to them, they deny it and call me childish. 

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    If it is your parents house they are the ones who need to stand up and kick this person out. I have done it before, so I know what it feels like to be stuck in this type of situation!

    For you...when they intrude upon your time, just be straight forward and don't back down. Stand up for your right to be able to use the bathroom in your home and to feel safe and comfortable. Confronting a person like this will most of the time cause them to be embarrassed and back down. But be ready to put up a fight to stand your ground if they want to challenge you thinking that your weak and a pushover. Good Luck

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    It's your parents house and they call the shots.

    I'd stay far other things in the house..

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    The coping is going to be on you and the first step is to acknowledge that they may never change and that's on them. All you can do is be in charge of yourself; you make sure you are living in a way that you feel good about and make sure you have good boundaries with this person (probably things like not loaning money, I wouldn't co-sign or agree to be used as a reference for anything). It sounds like this is your parents house and they are the ones who will need to have expectations for others living under their roof (adult children, I'm just guessing?).

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    not much you can do about it unless youre over 18 and then you can move out

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