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Why he tells my that things ?

I've been seeing him for a while. Lately, he has told me several times that he wants to have a girlfriend, to be in a serious relationship. 

But why he ask me  why I am seeing with him and am I in love with him? I say no but he asks me again, and so several times. He once told me he love me while he was drunk, I don't know if that counts.

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    If he is telling you that he was something serious and you don't...then you need to stop being selfish and let him go. Let him find someone who will give him the future that he wants.

    He is asking because of the fact that you have not let him go. That in a way is leading him on to think that you want something more with him. So he is keep hope that you will change your answer. But if you are set in being seeing one another and not something serious. Be straight and clear with him. If he tries to hold on...then you need to walk away and let him find someone.

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