Finding mass with density?


There is 21.1g of PLA. Density of PLA is 1.25g/mL. I need to find the volume of PLA to determine the mass it will weigh in aluminum. Density of aluminum is 27.g/mL. Thanks!

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  • 1 month ago

    Your value for density of aluminium is wrong, it is 2.70g/mL, not 27g/mL.

    There are 21.1g of PLA, density = 1.25g/mL.

    Volume = mass/density = 21.1g/(1.25g/mL) = 16.88mL

    What is the mass of this volume of aluminium, density 2.70g/mL?

    Mass = volume x density = 16.88mL x 2.70g/mL = 45.6g (rounded to 3 sig figs.)


    The3 key formulae are:

    Density = mass/volume

    Volume = mass/density

    Mass = volume x density

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