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How do I live amongst those who haven't come out and never will?

I have four sisters, three of them are gay and we are never on the same page.  They think completely different from me and it's a serious problem now that I moved in with one of them.  Two of them have each been married multiple times and seem to think a man is for financial security.  One of them married and divorced once.. she insisted they take for worse out of the vows when they married...I didn't think they would take it out but the pastor did.  One of my sister's says she's bi and all three of them have tried to rape me.  They keep saying same goes with same and you should only be with a man for appearance because they say everybody judges them.  I don't agree with them.  Now she expects me to take her husband's place.  She said her car is no good and had the nerve to ask me to buy her a car.  I would never.  What do you think I can do as a straight woman being born into a family of fags and I know they get it from our biological father he's a big fag.

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    It sounds like you are old enough to get your own place if you don't like living with them!

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